3 Things You Didn’t Know About Cayucos

January 29th, 2015

3 Things You Didn’t Know About Cayucos

Cayucos is currently known as a small laid back beach town off of Highway One, north of Morro Bay and just south of Big Sur. Many people like coming to Cayucos to get away from the fast paced living of the city or to escape the heat and fog of the valley. While others make a day trip to pick up some delectable Brown Butter Cookies, or some of Ruddells Smokehouse tacos. But here are three facts that you may not have known about Cayucos.

  • Did you know that 10,000 to 11,000 BC, the Chumash people inhabited the coastal San Luis Obispo area including a large village to the South of Cayucos at Morro Creek. The name Cayucos, which means kayak or canoe; a small fishing boat such used in hunting otters along the coast originates from the Aleut people of Alaska. http://indigenousboats.blogspot.com/2013/01/the-chumash-and-tomol.html
  • Did you know that Morro Bay and Cayucos was originally part of one settlement known as Rancho Morro and Cayucos Spanish Land Grant of 8,845 acres. C.H. Phillips, a well known real estate promoter, subdivided the land in 1867 and Viola!! Cayucos was born.


  • Did you know that the Cayucos Pier was constructed by Captain James Cass in 1872. It was built for about $15,000 using Cambria logs for the pilings that were delivered for only $7 each. What A Deal! The Pier made Cayucos the commercial hub of the north coast. The pier still exists, and the warehouse has become a community center that is available for functions.


Cayucos maybe a new discovery for some folks as they stumble upon it while driving on highway one. While for others Cayucos has been familiar vacation destination ever since they can remember, whether it is your first visit or your last Cayucos will always make you feel as if you found a hidden treasure. Beautiful, relaxing and with a rich history, that’s why we love Cayucos!

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