5th Annual Cayucos Sea Glass Festival

March 25th, 2015

Cayucos Sea Glass Festival

If you are not already familiar with Sea Glass, you might wonder why there are so many people walking the beaches of Cayucos and Morro Bay at a snail’s pace, with their heads looking down as they scan the sand and rocks. They are looking for sea glass, which is any glass product that has been discarded in the ocean and then tumbled for years. When the glass has been tumbled enough in the sun, sand and salty water, it creates miniature “c” indents that can be seen thru a microscope. A good tumbled piece of sea glass will also have a frosted appearance that when wet it sparkles in the sand, which makes it easier to distinguish between other rocks and pebbles. On your next visit to the Shoreline Inn make sure to keep your eyes on the beach and see how many pieces of sea glass you can find. Then show them to the Cayucos Sea Glass Queen, our On-Site Manager, Donna. She is very knowledgeable about sea glass.

During the weekend of March 14-15, Cayucos hosted the 5th Annual Sea Glass Festival to over 5,500 attendees. The Festival kicked off on Saturday at 9am with preview shopping, giving visitors a first-hand look at one-of-a-kind pieces of art showcased by 38 vendors from across the country. A highlight was the Discovery Booth that displayed many rare and unique pieces from all over the world. Informed and enthusiastic volunteers could identify pieces and answer sea glass questions. At the Earthlings booth people could admire the world’s largest piece of sea glass, which was found on the northeast coast of England and weighs 5lbs 4oz. The vendors also offered tips on how to find sea glass. Richard LaMotte, author of Pure Sea Glass and foremost authority on sea glass, had a booth at the festival, where to the joy of many, he autographed his books and calendars. Some tiny visitors had their parents drive them to the Festival just to take a picture with Mermaid Amanda, while others sat outside and enjoyed music, food and drinks at the Taste of Cayucos food court. There was enjoyment for all at the Cayucos Sea Glass Festival!

Another name for “sea glass” is ”mermaid tears.” All month long in March, Cayucos businesses are displaying some type of mermaid art form. Donna from Shoreline Inn and her sister, Linda, created Moon Maiden using chicken wire, paper Mache, and fabric. Monica, also from Shoreline Inn, painted her face using lots of glitter and added a perfect mermaid tear. Thank you to Dr. Sima for donating supplies used in creating the Moon Maiden. Moon Maiden can be found sitting over the fountain at the entry of the Inn until the end of March.

If you missed this year’s Cayucos Sea Glass Festival, make sure to save the date for next year’s Festival on March 12-13, 2016. For more information and photos on this year’s Festival or for next year’s Festival, go to www.cayucosseaglass.com or www.facebook.com/CayucosSeaGlassFestival . Be a sea glass fan and join us on Facebook.

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