Cayucos Pier Update

February 24th, 2015

Cayucos Pier Update:

Having an amazing view of the Cayucos Pier from our lobby, we constantly get asked the big question. When will the Cayucos Pier be open to the public? Why is it taking so long to restore?

As of the latest updates, the pier is on schedule and if weather permits it should be completed by the end of June. They are currently working on railings; as of today an estimated 20 feet has been completed.

When the pier was first built, each piling cost approximately $7 including delivery from Cambria Pines. The current cost of pilings is about $1800- $2100. A permanent fix for the pier includes upwards of 50 new pilings. The age of some of the pilings can range between 60 years up to 130 years.

According to Curtis Black (Deputy Director of County Parks) a long-term fix includes driving piles into the ocean floor, additional permanent connections between pilings, cross bracing under the pier, T-straps and angled batter pilings that splay out from the bottom of the piers deck to the ocean floor. Workers began driving pilings into the ocean floor in January.

The Cayucos Pier is the town treasure, filled with history, memories, and adventure. It is with gratitude that the Pier will be here for future generations: to savor walks on the pier, watch the surfers drop into the waves, or patiently wait for the fish to bite our bait.

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