Dinner with a side of Cayucos History

May 18th, 2017

Dinner with a Side of Cayucos History

Cayucos as it’s known today was founded in 1867 by Captain James Cass. It started out as a shipping port and two iconic properties that are still active today include the Cass House and the Way Station.

The Cass House was Captain Cass’s home and the focal point of where downtown Cayucos was born. It was close to the pier, the hubbub of the comings and goings of life in Cayucos and the neighboring areas. The shipping industry was vital for the twenty-three dairies, ranching and farming industries. The Cass House has been restored to a bed and breakfast, restaurant and bakery.

Captain Cass was also the original landowner of where the Way Station, built in 1876, is located. The Pedraitas family bought the property and built a hotel and dining room that entertained people from all over the country, including the Hearst family. The Hearst family would ride their family railway car from San Francisco to San Luis Obispo and stop at the Way Station to be served a three-course meal for 50 cents, something which Mr. Hearst could afford. Today you can still dine in the Way Station at the current restaurant, Lunada Garden Bistro.

We are thrilled to have two eateries in Cayucos that are located at these historical sites. The Grill at Cass house opened about a year ago by Christa and Traci Hozie who are also the owners of the Brown Butter Cookie Company. Just down the street at the Way Station building, Lunada Garden Bistro recently opened its doors. This had been a much needed and welcomed addition since the 2015 closure of the popular Hoppe’s Restaurant.

A great way to start to a morning in Cayucos is with a visit to the Cass House bakery. Treat yourself to a Meyer lemon scone, popover, or a bacon and wine cheddar egg tart. In our book, the locally roasted coffee is exceptional and is available in drip or French press.

The Grill at Cass house is open for lunch and dinner and offers a Tapas Style Menu in a covered outdoor setting. The food is locally sourced to provide a farm to table menu, which includes goodies from their garden.

Lunada Garden Bistro offers an upscale dining experience with a California fusion twist. Your taste buds will enjoy specialties such as Cayucos Red Abalone, seared Ahi and rack of lamb with homemade chutney. Make sure you leave room for delectable desserts, which are made in house by a dedicated patissiere.

Please visit the websites, Facebook or Yelp pages of these fabulous restaurants for hours of operation and additional reviews. Both restaurants have seasonal hours and may be closed at times for special events such as weddings and gatherings.

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