Top 5 Taco Spots In Cayucos

February 5th, 2018

Let's Taco bout it!

Tacos, a warm tortilla filled with a delicious meat filling or filling of your choice and topped with tasty toppings. Californians are known to have high expectations when it comes to tacos. From the traditional street taco, to delicious fresh seafood tacos, and new fusions of flavors incorporated into a taco, the possibilities are limitless. You can find some of the best local flavors all blanketed within a warm tortilla on the Central Coast. We have done the hard work for you and compiled a list of our top 5 favorite tacos from Morro Bay, Cambria, and Cayucos.

At the very thought of tacos my eyes light up. We have a great variety of tacos to choose from, starting with the famous Ruddell’s smoked tacos here in Cayucos to the traditional street tacos at Cayucos Gas & Deli and the California fusion tacos that you can find at Taco Temple in Morro Bay.

Lets start off with our traditional Taco

tacos cayucos

Cayucos Gas & Deli

Ocean St, Cayucos 805-995-2600 $1.50

What to order: Asada taco, spicy chicken taco, fresh guacamole

Cayucos Gas and Deli has hands down the best street taco in Cayucos. You can choose from asada, pastor, grilled chicken, spicy chicken, carnitas, and a veggie taco with an option of spicy red salsa or mild green salsa. Some of my favorites here are the breakfast burrito and carne asada sopes. This location is the real deal, authentic food no fancy frills just good Mexican food. Taco Tuesday $.99 tacos

cayucos tacos

tacos in cayucos

Boni’s Tacos

2253 Main St 9am-4pm Sat & Sun $2.15 - $3.25

What to order: Al pastor & Asada taco

This taco spot is worth the 15 min drive north to Cambria. Authentic Al pastor tacos are what they are known for. They marinade thinly sliced pork shoulder meat and stack it on a vertical rotisserie. With each taco order pork meat is sliced off the rotisserie and accompanied with fresh pineapple. The taco truck is on the corner of Main street and Burton on weekends from 9am-4pm.

cayucos tacos

Taco De Mexico

980 Main St, Morro Bay 805-772-5796 $2.50 - $2.75

What to order: Lengua (beef tongue) taco & carnitas taco, bean taquitos and Horchata drink

This spot is a local’s favorite. On any given day you can easily find a line out the door during the dinner and lunch rush. They have a traditional style taco on a warm corn tortilla with your choice of meat accompanied with onion and cilantro. They serve asada, chile verde, chile Colorado, carnitas, pastor, chicken, veggie, and my favorite, beef tongue (lengua). Their house red salsa is delicious; it is served warm with fresh homemade chips, a perfect combination of flavor and spice. If you like crunchy tacos try the bean taquitos; they are delicious. Make sure to try their homemade Horchata drink.

Stepping outside of the traditional taco

Ruddell’s Smokehouse

top cayucos tacos

101 D Street, Cayucos 805-995-5028 $5 - $6

What to order: Shrimp taco, albacore, and chicken taco

Ruddell’s Smokehouse is iconic in Cayucos with locals and foodies in the culinary field alike. Many flock to this little beachfront spot for its smoked meat. All protein here is smoked; Shrimp, Ahi, Ono, Chicken, and pork loin. You can order your choice of meat in a warm grilled flour tortilla that is topped with romaine lettuce, carrots, celery, apple, tomato and drizzled with a special sauce. The flavors all come together amazingly well in this taco and will soon have you hooked.

Taco Temple

cayucos tacos

2680 Main St., Morro Bay 805-772-4965 $15 - $20

What to order: Baja tacos, scallop taco, calamari taco, crab cake taco

California Fusion. Do not expect traditional Mexican food; they do things a little different here- different in a good way (trust me on this one). One taco is enough to feed one person with a normal appetite. Choose from one of the fresh seafood options on the menu such as king salmon, local Ling Cod, Yellow Tail, scallop taco, or crab cake taco. Served on top of a grilled flour tortilla topped with cheese loaded with a mountain of salad greens, cucumber and mango salsa on the side. Don’t forget the fresh chips and salsa bar. Trust me when I say you won’t leave this place hungry. If you have room, save it for a piece of their delicious carrot cake.

Leave the food guilt behind when indulging on this food adventure, after all you’re on vacation. You can always walk off your tacos by taking a long walk on anyone of our beautiful Central Coast beaches. Book your stay with us at Shoreline Inn... on the beach and get started on your taco tasting adventure.

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