Locals Guide to Cambria

June 29th, 2017

Locals Guide to Cambria

Just 15 minutes north of Cayucos is the charming town of Cambria, “One of America’s prettiest towns” Forbes.com . It is a perfect place to explore while staying in Cayucos without traveling too far.

Living in Cambria for the last 7 years, I have a handful of favorite shops, restaurants, and hikes that are must see spots for my guests.

Linns Restaurant & Bakery

Linn’s is a great place to start off your morning with either a sit down breakfast or a coffee and pastry. Many of their pastries are made with the Olallieberry (pronounce oh-la-leh), which is a cross between a blackberry and a raspberry.

Right behind the historic red brick Linn’s building is Easy as Pie café which will be hosting a Live@Linn’s Concert series every Saturday from 2-5pm until the end of October. For more info call 805-924-3050 or mail@linnsfruitbinn.com

Across the street on Bridge Street is one of my favorite lunch spots, Café. Yup that’s what its called Café. Owners Abby & Brian Lucas, have been providing Cambria locals with freshly prepared lunch items for over 10 years. They have a big menu with a variety of unique and classic lunch favorites like the pastrami sandwhich pictured below. Some of my personal favorites are the bacon cheeseburger with brie, mandarin chicken salad, hot beef Ortega, and their chicken tortilla soup. They are open Wed-Sun between the hours of 11-4pm. Have a seat in their charming gardens and enjoy watching the blue birds while you wait for your food.

After filling your tummy with some delicious food take a stroll down Main Street, which is filled with many art galleries and cute specialty shops. The Shops at the Garden Shed are located at 2024 Main st and you can find Junkgirls, Ocean Heir, Grow- rare and unusual succulents, Simplify, Twin Coyotes Winery, Saiku Gallery, and Lily’s Coffee House.

Moonstone Beach is a popular destination for anyone visiting Cambria it has a beautiful boardwalk and restaurants with beachfront views. At the end of Moonstone beach you can find Leffingwell Landing a beachfront park where you can enjoy a picnic or walk down the stairs and explore the tidepools.

Right across Highway 1 you can find Centrally Grown off the grid restaurant. They re-opened a few months ago under new management and ownership by local restauranteurs. Centrally Grown has beautiful grounds with some of the best ocean views in town you can stop by and shop at the downstairs deli and market to pick up some goodies for a picnic or a freshly pressed green juice.

Thursday nights they host a summer concert series featuring local bands such as Jill Knight, Burning James and the funky flames, and Back Bay Betty. Entertainment is provided from 6-9pm along with wood fired pizza, tapas, ceviche, tacos, and their signature Moscow Mule.

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