​Tastings with a Twist

November 27th, 2018

Tastings with a Twist

Do you want to taste the Central Coast without catching a buzz? We might be best known for our wines, but there are plenty of alcohol-free options nearby to tickle your palette. From cheese to cookies to beef jerky, the Central Coast has you covered. Best of all, everything is just a short walk or drive from the Shoreline Inn.


Fromagerie Sophie - This artisan cheese shop draws its roots from Paris, where the owners Sophie and Paul were inspired by the Parisian habits of wandering about the markets. Luckily for us, they decided to bring that culture to San Luis Obispo. The shop offers a world class variety of cheeses—products that you can’t find in most stores.

Vivant Fine Cheese- Owner Danika Gordon opened Vivant over a decade ago and brings more than 20 years of experience to the cheese scene in Paso Robles. With over 150 cheeses available just in their tasting room, Vivant is the premier cheese experience on the Central Coast. Cheese isn’t the only item on offer here though, stop in for a panini or salad to complete your excursion inland.

Central Coast Creamery- Award winning cheeses with names like Dream Weaver, Goat Gouda, and Holey Cow await you at Central Coast Creamery. They pride themselves on their “Ewenique” blends of different milks to make the perfect cheese.


Jack Creek Farms- A trip up the scenic highway 46 east will take you past this staple of the Central Coast. Jack Creek Farms opened in 1960, but their coastal roots go back to 1898, when James Barlogio co-founded the old Harmony Valley Creamery. James’ son, Miles, settled closer to Paso Robles, where he began farming pumpkins. Today, Jack Creek Farms offers a multitude of seasonal products. Fruits, vegetables, and of course, honey are just a few of the delicious treats you can find here.

Golden Oak Honey Festival- October is a special month for the bees of the Central Coast. On October 27 in downtown Paso Robles, the Golden Oak Honey Festival will feature bee related antiques, food, tasting, and collectibles. If you’ve ever been curious how to start your own apiary, attend one of the bee keeping seminars that our local experts direct. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, get the hairspray out and enter the beehive hairdo contest!


Morro Bay House of Jerky- Morro Bay might be known for fish, but did you know that there is also a fascinating little jerky house right on the Embarcadero? This old-west style shop offers more than just beef jerky–their exotic line includes buffalo, kangaroo, rainbow trout and more. If meat-free is your style, the vegetarian jerky is the soy-based option for you.

Cattaneo Bros.- Sausages, jerky, nuts, candy… You name it and Cattaneo has it. The Central Coast’s most well-known name for all things dried now has a retail store in downtown San Luis Obispo. Check out their Central Coast collection for a sample of some great local products.


Brown Butter Cookie Company- Just down the block from the Shoreline Inn, the Brown Butter Cookie Company is open daily to cater to your sweet tooth. The proximity to the motel means that you can get your first fix on the walk to the beach, then get your second fix on the way back (trust me, you’ll need it). They also have a shop in downtown Paso Robles if the craving hits you there.

Harmony Valley Creamery- Even in the winter Cayucos can get warm, but I don’t really need a reason to head out for ice cream. This historic little town (population of 18) was founded in 1869 as a dairy settlement, and except for a short time in the ‘50s and ‘60s, has provided the coast with top quality dairy products. Harmony is located just a few minutes north of Cayucos.

Cayucos Candy Counter- No family trip to Cayucos is complete without sampling some of the sweet, savory and curious confections of Cayucos Candy Counter. Make sure you try the gelato with a shot of espresso. With local and international items kept in stock regularly–along with a delicious selection of seasonal items–there’s sure to be something for everybody.

Check back soon for our feature on the Central Coast’s blossoming olive oil scene. All of this and more is just steps from your door at the Shoreline Inn... on the beach. Visit our websiteor call (805) 995-3681 to book your next unique vacation.

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