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A Large Body Of Water With A City In The Background

Welcome to Charming Cayucos, CA

A Stunning West Coast Gem

Discover the captivating coastal treasure of Cayucos — one of California's loveliest historical beach towns. 

Where Is Cayucos, CA? 

The home of Shoreline Inn is only twenty minutes north of San Luis Obispo, just past Morro Bay on scenic CA Highway 1. Cayucos offers locals and visitors alike a classically laid-back West Coast atmosphere. When stopping by, you’ll be surrounded by unspoiled oceanfront, a popular beachside boardwalk, many fantastic attractions, tempting dining options, and a pier for fishing and enjoying the sunsets.

The Early History of Cayucos

The region now known as Cayucos was first inhabited by first nations people of the Chumash tribe, who revered the land for its beauty and bounty. The Chumash people were expert fishermen, aided by their most famous invention — the plank canoe. In the Chumash language, this watercraft was referred to as a “tomolor cayuco.” These cayucos were the primary mode of water travel and seafood harvest for the Chumash, and were similar to those used by the nearby Aleuts during sea otter hunts along the coastline.

The town of Cayucos evolved during the Spanish Land Grant days. The first European settlements in the region were originally part of the Morro Bay Cayucos Rancho, first established by Captain James Cass in 1867. Captain Cass built the original wharf, store, and warehouse here, which provided supplies and trade throughout many early coastal communities.

Cass began construction of the pier in 1872, with the intention of engendering trade by common sea routes of the time. Originally built out to 380 feet, shipping boats of the day still had to anchor out beyond the pier and use surfboats to load and unload cargo, since the waters of the shoreline were too shallow. In 1876, the pier was lengthened to 982 feet, allowing ships to dock more easily.

Cayucos Today

The Cayucos Pier remains a central landmark of the area even in modernity. Captain Cass’s original warehouse is now a community center and home to the Cayucos Art Society Gallery. His original home still stands at the north end of town. 

The family, traveler, and pet-friendly town of Cayucos experiences mild weather year-round, allowing visitors and locals alike to enjoy the wide variety of activities, attractions, and restaurants that call the area home. There is truly something for everyone in the city that Budget Travel dubbed "The Coolest Small Town in America."

Weather in Cayucos

The weather in Cayucos, California is beautiful year-round. In the spring, the average temperatures are in the low 70s, with few showers. The summers are warm and sunny, with average temperatures in the mid-70s. The fall brings cooler temperatures and crisp, clear days. And in the winter, the weather is mild, with average temperatures in the low 70s. No matter what season it is, there's always something to enjoy in Cayucos.

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