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A Bird Sitting On A Rock Next To A Body Of Water
Cayucos, CA

Cayucos, California Wildlife Viewing

Observe Native Regional Species in a Natural Setting

Nature-lovers with an interest in wildlife viewing will discover much to celebrate when visiting Cayucos, California. Our charming beach town lives in harmony with the serene, unspoiled landscape of the area, which is home to an abundance of many of the amazing species of birds of central coast California, aquatic animals, and other west coast wildlife. 

When visiting the region, you can explore natural-formation tide pools brimming with starfish, sea anemones, crabs, and sea urchins. A long-established sea elephant colony is only a short drive away. We’re also situated along with a major humpback and gray whale migration route, so spotting these majestic sea mammals is a frequent occurrence during several notable months of the year. Whales typically head south to the warmer waters off of Mexico in December and January and then return to more northerly climes for the spring mating season in March and April. Spotting the impressive waterspouts and surface breaches of these giants of the sea is always a day-making experience for area visitors. 

Of course, our varied terrain makes for some of the best bird-watching in the nation, with ospreys, hawks, vultures, and cormorants making their homes here in large numbers. In fact, according to the National Audubon Society, out of just over 1,100 recognized avian species in North America, more than 450 can be found in our home of San Luis Obispo County! So if you've still got a few boxes to check on your bird-watching list, chances are, you'll be able to cross them off during your visit with us.  

When visiting us in Cayucos, make sure to bring some comfortable hiking footwear and a camera. Binoculars are available at the hotel, or you can bring your own. You won’t be disappointed by the diversity in the animal kingdom surrounding us on all sides! 


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