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A Beach With A Pier And Water
Fall in Cayucos

Things to Do in Cayucos This Fall

Why Fall is the Secret Season

Looking for a fun and festive way to spend your fall? Look no further than Shoreline Inn in Cayucos, California! Our charming seaside town is the perfect place to enjoy all that fall has to offer. This time of year brings gorgeous panoramic views, spacious beaches, great weather and beautiful temperatures. The leaves change, the sunsets are more spectacular and there's so much to do in Cayucos -- with fewer crowds! 

Weather in the Fall (September - November)

The weather in Cayucos during the fall is mild and sunny. Locals call this the 'secret' season because this time of year brings warm, clear days and cool nights. The average temperature ranges from the high 60s to low 70s, with occasional spikes into the 80s. Pack lighter pieces to wear during the day and heavier items to layer on when the temperature cools down. With shorter days and longer nights, fall is the perfect time to explore a multitude of activities.

Outdoor Activities To Do in the Fall

Wildlife Viewing

During the fall in Cayucos, California, nature puts on an incredible show that's hard to miss. As the crisp autumn air sets in, not only do the trees showcase a beautiful array of colors, but the coastline becomes a prime spot for whale watching. These gentle giants journey past the Central Coast, making Cayucos a top destination for those eager to catch a glimpse of their awe-inspiring dance through the waves. From playful sea lions to the grandeur of migrating whales, Cayucos offers a unique wildlife viewing experience in the heart of California's stunning fall landscape.

Birds On The Beach   A Bird Flying Over The Ocean   A Rocky Beach With A Sunset

Hiking & Biking

If you're looking for a little adventure, head out to one of Cayucos' many hiking and biking trails. There are several trails in the area that wind through the hills and offer stunning views of the ocean. The terrain can be challenging in places, but it is well worth the effort to explore this beautiful area. For a more leisurely activity, go for a stroll on the beach or take a bike ride through town. There's nothing like a brisk walk along the Estero Bluffs to take in the beauty of nature, and Cayucos has no shortage of scenic views.

A Group Of People Walking On A Path In A Grassy Field With A Town In The Distance     A Dirt Road With A Fence And Grass And A Sunset     A Body Of Water With Plants And Trees Around It

Give Back: Every September the Cayucos Land Conservancy hosts an annual Estero Bluffs Beach Cleanup. This is part of an international cleanup effort! All over the world, volunteers will be cleaning creek-beds and coastlines. 

Sunrise & Sunset

A Person Standing On A Beach     A Sunset Over A Beach     A Person Walking On A Beach

The sunrises and sunsets in Cayucos, California during the fall season are truly breathtaking. The colors that paint the sky are simply stunning, and there is something special about watching the sun dip below the horizon each day. Whether you're watching from the beach or up on a hill, these natural displays of beauty are sure to leave you feeling mesmerized. So, make sure to take some time to enjoy the amazing sunrises and sunsets in Cayucos this fall!

Food & Drink

Cayucos is home to a variety of restaurants to meet everyones palate and the flavors of fall never disappoint. Kickoff the morning with a warm coffee from Lunada Bistro. Head down to the pier and grab some lunch with a side of ocean views at Schooners. And no visit to Cayucos is complete without stopping by Brown Butter Cookie Company for some of the best cookies you’ll ever taste!

A Plate Of Food And A Glass Of Beer On A Table     A Cup Of Coffee Sitting On Top Of A Wooden Table     The Front Of A Building


There are plenty of fun events happening in Cayucos and nearby communities during fall. The Cayucos Chamber of Commerce hosts the annual Antique Street Faire along Ocean Ave. Shop for antiques, collectibles and vintage items or make it a fun day in Cayucos. Get your engines ready the first weekend in November for the annual Cayucos Car Show. This event happens rain or shine. Listen to live music, grab a beer in the beer garden with some BBQ, while checking out beautiful classic cars in Cayucos.

People Walking Around A Street Market    A Group Of Cars Parked Outside A Building    A Group Of Statues Of People In Clothing

The Cambria Scarecrow Festival

The Cambria Scarecrow Festival is a family-friendly event that is held annually during the entire month of October. The festival features scarecrows of all shapes and sizes, as well as other fall-themed decorations, throughout the town of Cambria. There are also hayrides, pumpkin painting, and other fun activities for kids. Shoreline Inn is a hotel near the Cambria Scarecrow Festival. The benefits of staying at Shoreline Inn while attending the Cambria Scarecrow Festival is you're right on the beach.

Ready to enjoy some down time and less crowds? Fall is the perfect season for a Cayucos beach getaway. Start planning your fall trip to Cayucos today!


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